Care Connect Washington helps people affected by COVID-19 meet daily needs

It’s National Public Health Week. All week long we’re celebrating impactful public health work across Washington. On this last day of National Public Health Week, we are showcasing the successful partnership between state and local public health and the communities they work in to provide the education and resources for those who must isolate and quarantine due to COVID-19.

Couple receives groceries at home during quarantine.
Couple receives groceries at home during quarantine.

Imagine needing to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19, but not having the ability to do so due to work, family obligations, access to financial support, childcare, and healthcare, and more. People often don’t know where to turn for support or…

Best practices for children of all ages

As children make the trek back to school (by April 19, all public K–12 schools in Washington will offer in-person learning at least two days a week), it’s important to be mindful of how the transition will affect them. While getting students back into the classroom is certainly progress in reopening our state, and good news for many parents, kids may react in all sorts of ways.

It’s critical to remind all children to practice the “three W’s” to stop the spread of COVID-19: wear a mask (children over two years old), wash your hands, and watch your distance. But…

Wastewater is an early-warning tool to track the spread of COVID-19

Tracking the spread of COVID-19 is a key part of keeping the virus under control. You may already know that we use testing to track COVID-19 cases. Our COVID-19 data dashboard shows these cases, along with hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations. There’s another way to detect the virus that’s a little surprising: looking at human feces, or “poop.”

The Washington Department of Health (DOH) has started testing wastewater for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Wastewater is used water which — you guessed it! — has poop and other waste in it. …

Join us in celebrating the outstanding public health work around the state

Collage of images showing public health across Washington
Collage of images showing public health across Washington

Join us as we celebrate National Public Health Week April 5–11. This year we’re focusing on some of the outstanding and inspirational public health work happening around our state. We’ll show what local organizations are doing to rebuild; advance racial equity; strengthen community; galvanize climate justice; construct COVID-19 resilience; uplift mental health and wellness; and elevate the essential and health workforce.

Join us!

National Public Health Week welcome from Dr. Umair Shah, Washington State Secretary of Health and the importance of partnerships in building bridges to better health.

We’ll be sharing stories on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Keep an eye…

Preguntas y respuestas con el Dr. Christopher Chen de la Autoridad de Salud.

Desde la aparición de la vacuna contra el COVID-19, tenemos muchas cosas para celebrar. A medida que más personas en todo el estado se preparan para agendar sus citas, queremos insistir en recordarles una buena noticia: la vacuna es totalmente gratuita para todos los que deseen aplicársela.

A menudo cuando escuchamos la palabra “gratis”, podemos preguntarnos si existe alguna trampa en esto, o si es demasiado bueno para ser verdad. Nos sentamos con el Dr. Christopher Chen del Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA), para aprender más…

Dr. Christopher Chen of the Health Care Authority explains in this Q&A

Since the COVID-19 vaccine’s arrival, we’ve had many things to celebrate. As more people across the state prepare for their appointments, we want to remind you of one more piece of good news: the vaccine is free to all who want one.

Often when we hear the word “free,” we may wonder what the catch is, or if it’s too good to be true. We talked to Dr. Christopher Chen of the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) to learn more about what a free vaccine means.

Ways to avoid tick bites when exploring Washington

As the weather gets warmer, more people are heading out to enjoy our state’s many parks and hiking trails. Remember to be on the lookout for those tiny parasites that may be trying to go along for the ride. Tick season is in full swing in western Washington, and it’s kicking into high gear in the eastern part of the state as well.

While Washington normally has relatively few cases of tick-borne disease (such as Lyme disease), each year a few cases are diagnosed and reported to DOH.

When you’re working, camping…

Cuando ocurren desastres naturales, es normal que las personas experimenten sentimientos de pérdida y duelo. Muchos de nosotros hemos sentido algún tipo de pérdida como resultado de la pandemia COVID-19; la pérdida de un ser querido, cambios en la salud, la pérdida de un empleo, o incluso simplemente la pérdida de nuestra vida “normal”. Cualquier duelo y pérdida que podamos estar sintiendo, es una capa por encima de todo el estrés que experimentamos por la pandemia. Es normal no sentirse bien si usted está de luto por una pérdida, especialmente durante un desastre natural como el que estamos viviendo.


La esperanza está aquí para quedarse con nosotros: Washington reconoce los hitos de la vacuna

La esperanza nos ha permitido sobrevivir este último año frente a los desafíos de la Pandemia. La esperanza por acceder a una vacuna, la esperanza por el reencuentro con nuestros seres queridos y, principalmente, la esperanza de poner fin a esta pandemia. Esa esperanza, que a veces se sentía tan lejana, ahora se está convirtiendo en una realidad.

Cada día pasamos nuevos hitos en el camino hacia la recuperación. Falta mucho para terminar con esta labor, pero los esfuerzos colectivos de nuestra comunidad de Washington…

Hope is Here to Stay: Washington Recognizes Vaccine Milestones

Hope — it’s a feeling that got us through the last year. Hope for a vaccine, hope for reunions with loved ones, and hope for ending this pandemic. That hope, which sometimes felt distant, is now becoming a reality.

Every day, we pass new milestones on the road to recovery. The job is far from over, but the collective efforts of our Washington community deserve recognition. Here are some milestones we’d like to share as we pause to reflect on some of the good stuff:

  • Washington gave over 3 million COVID-19…

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